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Exciting news! The Pennsylvania Land Title Association (PLTA) has started a Political Action Committee (PAC).  This nonpartisan PAC will directly represent the interests of the land title industry within the Commonwealth and is tasked to raise funds to support candidates for the state legislature and other offices within the Commonwealth who are in favor of PLTA positions.

As you know, there are many regulatory and legislative issues that could affect the land title industry including allowing Remote Online Notarization, setting Predictable Fees within county governments, updating the Validation Act and safely allowing in-person real estate settlements during the COVID19 pandemic to name a few.

By law, corporations and trade associations cannot contribute to anyone seeking political office or to political parties.  However, people can. PACs allow individuals with common interests—PLTA members, for example—to pool their resources and directly support candidates of interest to our industry. PACs are the most legal, transparent, state and federally monitored form of engagement in the political process.

As a member of PLTA, we are hopeful of your financial support.

BECOME A 2020 - 2021 DONOR:

($100.00 - $249.00)
($250.00 - $499.00)

($500.00 - $999.00)
($1000.00 +)
  Richard Angelo Esq. CLTP Taamar (Tommi) Herbert, CLTP Steven Day, NTP
  Thomas Blair, Esq.
 Dan Herdman
 Laura Fox, Esq., CLTP
  Michelle Creely
 Robin Kelsh Jan Koski Hogan, CLTP
  Robert Hauser III
 Kelli Ryan, Esq., CLTP
 Lisa McEntee, Esq., CLTP
  Carrie Mann, Esq. Francine Wirsching, CLTP, NTP Cindy Mills
  Susan McKean   Chuck Nowicki, CLTP, NTP
  Susan Morgan  Todd Rowe, Esq., CLTP 
  Eric Weinheimer, Esq.  Jim Sindoni 
   Adrienne Verdone, Esq., CLTP 
   Frank Violi 

How are contributions made?
Your contribution must be made by personal check, personal credit card, or money order and made payable to PLTA PAC.

Donate online or mail your donation by downloading our printable donation form.

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