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Pennsylvania's CE Requirements

The PA Insurance Department's Title Agent Education Requirements

  1. CONTINUING EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS: All Title Insurance Agents must complete 24 hours of continuing education within their 2-year licensing period. There is no pre-licensing education requirement for Title Insurance Agents.

  2. ATTORNEY AGENTS CE CREDIT REQUIREMENTS: Licensed Pennsylvania attorneys who are also licensed Title Insurance Agents need only three (3) continuing education (CE) credits in a two-year licensing period, provided their attorney’s CLE requirement is fulfilled. However, the attorney must complete a continuing education declaration of CE status as a Title Insurance Agent.

  3. LICENSE RENEWALS: If you are not compliant with CE requirements on the date your license expires, you have 60 days to complete the education requirement, submit a renewal form and pay the lapsed license fee of $165.00. If those items are received by the PA Insurance Department within 60 days of the date of expiration, the license will be reinstated retroactively, with no gap in licensure. However, if those materials are received by the Insurance Department more than 60 days after your license has lapsed, your license is lapsed, and you are not allowed to sell, solicit or negotiate insurance. Act 147 imposes criminal and civil penalties for violation of this law. Persons whose license has been expired for one year or more must reapply and sit for the licensing examination in order to be re-licensed.

  4. EXCESS CREDITS EARNED: Credits earned in excess of the required number (24 for Title Insurance Agents, 3 for attorney Agents may be carried forward into the next licensing period up to the same amount as needed in each licensing period. That is, Title Insurance Agents may carry forward a maximum of 24 CE credits into the next licensing period; Attorney-Agents may carry forward a maximum of 3 CE credits into the next licensing period.

  5. MISSING CREDITS: If you believe that your current compliance report is not correct and that there are missing credits, please call Vertifore at 1-800-444-4813 or 877-880-5397.  Visit to review your transcripts using your social security number and agent’s license #.


Vertifore (SIRCON) only stores CE credits that are earned and submitted to them by providers.  They help agents apply for their license and renewal by reporting your earned credits to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department.


If Vertifore's (SIRCON) record is missing any courses that you may have taken through the Pennsylvania Land Title Institute, call the PLTI office to research your credit status at 1-800-545-7584. Please have the missing course date(s) in question available.


If the missing courses are from a provider other than the PLTI, you must contact that provider to inquire about the missing credits.


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