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Foreclosure filings drop to five-year low in U.S. recoveryOpen in a New Window

Bloomberg – Foreclosure filings in the U.S. fell to a five-year low last month as lenders sought to avoid seizing property and a housing recovery showed signs of taking hold. The number of default, auction and seizure notices sent to homeowners in April totaled 188,780, down 14 percent from a year earlier and 5 percent […]


Response to Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein’s Bloomberg TV interviewOpen in a New Window

This is not pointed at Goldman Sachs per say or Lloyd directly.   I do feel that we treat grey areas in business endeavors as morally okay just because we may not have adapted with rules to prevent overt exploitation.   This comment is not about that. I do have to say that Mr. Blankfein should not […]


Providence RH bankruptcy seen as unavoidable on budget gapOpen in a New Window

This is unfortunate events but in the end, these functions are beneficial.  By taking the pain now and restructuring programs to meet the available funds for ongoing operations.  We will and need to see much more of this so we can not have states running unsustainable budgets that they will not impose taxes and fees […]


Greece CDS sellers payout $2.89 billion to settle contractsOpen in a New Window

Hopefully this will work out in the end and this nation among others will get their budget and entitlements in order.  At the end of the day, you need to have services that match what you can tax from your people so that you are not incurring debt that can have disastrous effects in the […]


Breaking News: CEO Jon Corzine of MF Global allegedly orders customer funds to be used for covering overdraftOpen in a New Window

This could be very damning evidence if this turns out to be true.  To be fair, this email just surfaced and we need to let the authorities to do their job and determine the validity and authenticity of this email.  What is interesting is that the transfer is to a JP Morgan Banking unit in […]


James Grant Says Bond Market Is `Desert of Value’Open in a New Window

Direct Link I love James Grant (Interest Rate Observer), not that I agree with everything he says (but I usually do), but the respect I believe he gives the people that listen to him in the form of not pulling punches just because it coudl offend someon. One of the only serious, consistent and truthful […]


Dear Bloomberg: You guys are killing meOpen in a New Window

Seriously.  I am watching Bloomberg TV and they did their “fact check” segment for the GOP Presidential Debates.   I love the idea of that but you guys got your own reporting wrong while fact checking.  I am speaking about the Newt Gingrich fact check.  (Note:  I am not a registered with any political party, I […]


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