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PLTA Code of Ethics

The PLTA Code of Ethics and Conduct was adopted on April 13, 2010


WE, the members of the Pennsylvania Land Title Association

BELIEVING that land is the foundation upon which the very existence of our nation is secured, and out of which the wealth of our nation and its industries and people ultimately flows; and

BELIEVING in the heritage of our nation, expressed through its laws; we are dedicated to promoting the insured transfer and private ownership of land; and now

PLEDGE to our nation, its people and to each other as co-workers and competitors:

THAT we will establish and maintain a reputation for honesty and integrity, bearing responsibility for our own acts;

THAT we will, before issuing abstracts and reports of land records, commitments for and policies of title insurance, make thorough and reasonable searches, investigations and examination thereof;

THAT we will conduct business in a fair and ethical manner that places the needs of the consumer first;

THAT we will engage only in business practices that are lawful and consistent with a high standard of ethical behavior;

THAT we will encourage a culture of compliance with federal and state laws that govern title insurance;

THAT we will encourage and assist consumers in becoming educated participants in the real estate transaction.

Download a PDF copy of the PLTA Code of Ethics and Conduct.

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