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RealtyTrac® is the leading online marketplace of foreclosure properties, collecting detailed property, loan and home sales data from more than 2,200 counties, covering more than 90 percent of U.S. households.  Reports include estimated property values, comparable sales, loan history, tax lien and bankruptcy records, trustee and lender information and property details.


Buying More Affordable than Renting in 58 Percent of U.S. Markets According to 2016 Rental Affordability AnalysisOpen in a New Window

RealtyTrac® today released its 2016 Rental Affordability Analysis, which shows that buying is still more affordable than renting in 58 percent of U.S. housing markets despite home price appreciation outpacing rent growth in 55 percent of markets.


Washington Ends Year With Extended Tax Benefits For HomeownersOpen in a New Window

Some of the most interesting mortgage news of the year takes place in late December when we find out how the political system works on Capitol Hill.


Are Zero Percent Interest Rates Ahead?Open in a New Window

There was a headline in Barron's recently which no doubt raised a few eyebrows. "Fed Setting Long-Range Goal of 0% Real Interest Rates," it said, a figure which is hard to ignore.


Third Quarter Foreclosure Activity Increases From Year Ago in 32 StatesOpen in a New Window

RealtyTrac® today released its Q3 and September 2015 U.S. Foreclosure Market Report™, which shows a total of 327,258 U.S. properties with foreclosure filings.


Is There A New Home Shortage?Open in a New Window

We’re not building enough new homes and that’s a big reason for the “persistent housing shortages and unhealthy price growth in many markets,” according to the National Association of Realtors.


Debt Shakes The World Economy -- And Mortgage RatesOpen in a New Window

The world’s financial markets — and thus the world — have watched with some horror as things have recently gone very wrong in Greece, Puerto Rico and China. One very real possibility that could emerge from these events is that U.S. mortgage interest


Returning Equity Boosts Real Estate MarketsOpen in a New Window

Real estate equity is coming back. If you own a home or invest the odds are that you're very much richer than you were just a few years ago. While we don't have a full recovery yet, there's evidence that the housing market has become more attractive


Is It Time To End The 30-Year Mortgage?Open in a New Window

For many decades the 30-year loan has been the centerpiece of the mortgage system, but there’s no law in nature which says 30-year financing is required or necessary. Indeed, we could we be coming to the end of an era, a new housing market where 30-y


Has Equity Sharing Finally Arrived?Open in a New Window

Equity sharing has long been touted as the magical solution to every real estate problem since the use of caves.


Will Easier Credit Unleash Real Estate Sales?Open in a New Window

If there has ever been a time for a real estate home run this is about as good as it gets. Interest rates are near historic lows, home values have yet to return to their 2007 peak and the population has grown by nearly 20 million people in the past e



RealtyTrac® (, the nation’s leading source for comprehensive housing data, today released a report analyzing purchase loan and sales data for single family homes and condos in 2014 in 386 counties nationwide which found that on ave



RealtyTrac® (, the nation’s leading source for comprehensive housing data, today released a joint analysis with Down Payment Resource on the availability of down payment programs across the country, which found that 87 percent of U


Best Ski Towns for Real Estate Investing 2015 EditionOpen in a New Window

Thanks to the popularity of the inaugural Best Ski Towns for Real Estate Investing list for 2014, the RealtyTrac editorial team sacrificed their precious holidays to endure the toils of travel to idyllic ski resort towns and the trials of rigorously


How Much FHA Borrowers Can Save in House Payments Under Obama Proposal: County-Level AnalysisOpen in a New Window

President Obama last week in a speech proposed lowering insurance premiums on FHA-insured loans by 50 basis points, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development claims this would save more than 2 million borrowers over the next three year


Empowering Consumers Through Online DataOpen in a New Window

With the dawning of the Information Age, real estate information — which used to be exclusive and propriety to the Realtors — has gone public, as massive amounts of data is being created and disseminated on the Internet.


Will Mortgage Rates Fall In 2015?Open in a New Window

Mortgage rates are supposed to rise in 2015, at least that’s the prediction from the housing industry.


Why Principal Reductions Are Suddenly PopularOpen in a New Window

If you want to buy foreclosed real estate from a lender it’s as easy as writing a check. The odds are overwhelming that you’ll pay a below-market price but such bargains are off-limits to one group: If you’ve been foreclosed you haven't been able to


Where Wall Street is Most Likely to Cash out of the Single Family Rental MarketOpen in a New Window

After nearly three years and hundreds of thousands of property purchases, the nascent single family rental industry is at a crossroads in terms of future growth and long-term staying power.


Will Mortgage Rates Fall In 2015?Open in a New Window

Mortgage rates are supposed to rise in 2015, at least that’s the prediction from the housing industry.


Is Real Estate Ownership Now Beyond Reach?Open in a New Window

Real estate predictions for the coming year suggest both increased sales and higher prices, but will that be the case?
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