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RealtyTrac® is the leading online marketplace of foreclosure properties, collecting detailed property, loan and home sales data from more than 2,200 counties, covering more than 90 percent of U.S. households.  Reports include estimated property values, comparable sales, loan history, tax lien and bankruptcy records, trustee and lender information and property details.



RealtyTrac® (, the nation’s leading source for comprehensive housing data, today released a report analyzing purchase loan and sales data for single family homes and condos in 2014 in 386 counties nationwide which found that on ave



RealtyTrac® (, the nation’s leading source for comprehensive housing data, today released a joint analysis with Down Payment Resource on the availability of down payment programs across the country, which found that 87 percent of U


Best Ski Towns for Real Estate Investing 2015 EditionOpen in a New Window

Thanks to the popularity of the inaugural Best Ski Towns for Real Estate Investing list for 2014, the RealtyTrac editorial team sacrificed their precious holidays to endure the toils of travel to idyllic ski resort towns and the trials of rigorously


How Much FHA Borrowers Can Save in House Payments Under Obama Proposal: County-Level AnalysisOpen in a New Window

President Obama last week in a speech proposed lowering insurance premiums on FHA-insured loans by 50 basis points, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development claims this would save more than 2 million borrowers over the next three year


Empowering Consumers Through Online DataOpen in a New Window

With the dawning of the Information Age, real estate information — which used to be exclusive and propriety to the Realtors — has gone public, as massive amounts of data is being created and disseminated on the Internet.


Will Mortgage Rates Fall In 2015?Open in a New Window

Mortgage rates are supposed to rise in 2015, at least that’s the prediction from the housing industry.


Why Principal Reductions Are Suddenly PopularOpen in a New Window

If you want to buy foreclosed real estate from a lender it’s as easy as writing a check. The odds are overwhelming that you’ll pay a below-market price but such bargains are off-limits to one group: If you’ve been foreclosed you haven't been able to


Where Wall Street is Most Likely to Cash out of the Single Family Rental MarketOpen in a New Window

After nearly three years and hundreds of thousands of property purchases, the nascent single family rental industry is at a crossroads in terms of future growth and long-term staying power.


Will Mortgage Rates Fall In 2015?Open in a New Window

Mortgage rates are supposed to rise in 2015, at least that’s the prediction from the housing industry.


Is Real Estate Ownership Now Beyond Reach?Open in a New Window

Real estate predictions for the coming year suggest both increased sales and higher prices, but will that be the case?


Rising Private Debt Holds Back Housing MarketOpen in a New Window

As of September 2014, American consumers owe $11.71 trillion in private debt, up 0.7 percent from the second quarter of 2014, an increase of $78 billion, according to the Federal Reserve Bank in New York.


Will New Government Protections Produce Fewer Mortgage Hassles?Open in a New Window

With tens of millions of mortgages outstanding it might seem as though every possible loan question has been resolved, that the lending system would have an answer for absolutely any situation that might arise.


Will Changing Lender Standards Mean Less Borrower Paperwork?Open in a New Window

Since the first days of Wall Street Reform lenders have complained that the standards are too tight.


20 Most Affordable Markets with Good SchoolsOpen in a New Window

A RealtyTrac analysis today identified the top zip codes with the ideal combination of good schools and affordable home prices — and also with low unemployment rates below the national average.


Are Real Estate Brokers An Endangered Species?Open in a New Window

Some 18,000 people gathered in New Orleans this month to look at the future of real estate brokerage.


U.S. Foreclosure Activity Increases 15 Percent in October Driven by 17-Month High in Scheduled Foreclosure AuctionsOpen in a New Window

Foreclosure filings were reported on 123,109 U.S. properties in October, an increase of 15 percent from the previous month but still down 8 percent from a year ago.


Shifting Housing Demographics Could Lift Home SalesOpen in a New Window

For decades, baby boomers drove existing homes sales. Now, shifting demographic trends are putting the brakes on home sales. Many cash-strapped millennials — saddled with high levels of student debt — are unable to purchase a home because low-paying


The Coming ‘Big Shift’ in HousingOpen in a New Window

In the next 20 years, a seismic shift will take place in residential real estate. Increasingly, America’s aging baby boomer population (born from 1946 to 1964) will begin to downsize and sell their homes


Judge Rejects ‘Disparate Impact’ Housing DiscriminationOpen in a New Window

On Nov. 3, Judge Richard J. Leon of the U.S. District Court issued a scathing opinion striking down the Obama administration’s “disparate impact” regulations for the Fair Housing Act, ruling that they are inconsistent with that statute.


Are Car Loans The Next Lending Boondoggle?Open in a New Window

Car loans are easy to get but mortgages are tight, at least according to a lot of chatter and complaint.


Federal Housing Agency Loosens Mortgage RulesOpen in a New Window

Speaking to the nation’s largest lender trade group, the government’s chief housing regulator outlined plans to reassure mortgage bankers that fear they could suffer losses on the loans they sell to the government.


First-Time Home Buyers Vanish, Hit 27-Year LowOpen in a New Window

One reason new and existing home sales are sluggish is because the share of young, first-time home buyers is at historically low levels, stalling the still nascent housing recovery, according to an annual survey released Monday by the National Associ


The Biggest Drag on Homeownership: Down Payments or Debt?Open in a New Window

RealtyTrac recently analyzed affordability in more than 500 counties nationwide, looking at the impact of lowering the down payment for conventional loans from 20 percent to as low as 3 percent


Mortgages: Do We Need Inflation?Open in a New Window

Real estate needs a pick-me-up, something of a surprise considering that home values remain below 2007 prices and mortgage rates continue to hover around 4 percent.


Can ‘Lower Wealth Borrowers’ Save Real Estate?Open in a New Window

We’re soon going to help “lower wealth borrowers” by making mortgages available with just 3 percent down. That’s the word from Mel Watt, director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency.


Nevada HOA Liens Extinguish First Deed of TrustOpen in a New Window

Las Vegas real estate investors and mortgage lenders are squaring off in Nevada in a dispute that could ultimately be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.


8.1 Million U.S. Residential Properties Seriously Underwater in Third Quarter, Lowest Level in Two YearsOpen in a New Window

8.1 million U.S. residential properties were seriously underwater, representing 15 percent of all properties with a mortgage and an estimated $1.4 trillion in negative equity.


Should You Invest in Real Estate With Your IRA?Open in a New Window

In order to make a real estate investment with your IRA, you need to make sure your IRA is with the right type of custodian, one that will allow you to make alternative investments.


Will Fewer Mortgages Drive Immigration Reform?Open in a New Window

When it comes to real estate it seems foolish to leave $500 billion on the table but that’s pretty much the situation. Why? Because of the failure to attract more Hispanic buyers, the one group most likely to power future home sales and mortgage borr


Real Estate Crowdfunding Poised to Re-invent Private Money FinancingOpen in a New Window

Jilliene Hellman founded the real estate crowdfunding website RealtyMogul in 2013, not long after legislation passed making it easier to raise funds for business ventures through the Internet.
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